The Future is What You Make It!

The Future is What You Make It!

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As we welcome 2018 with the hope that things will be better this year, just remember that we have been blessed with a beautiful clean canvas on which to paint the picture we want to paint…it’s what we choose to paint that will determine what the picture will ultimately look like…good or bad…your choice!!

The ever changing political and economic landscape looks as though things might be pointing in a more positive direction, both locally and with our neighbour to our north, this seems to have had a positive impact on the strength of the Rand…and in turn had a positive effect on the fuel price, long may that last and long may our political and economic leaders realize that their actions have an effect on our economy, which does affect the lives of us the ordinary citizens.

I personally try not let all the political (and other) shenanigans spewed out by the press (I call it NOISE) affect me as I cannot afford to get brought down by these stories…it’s not easy as we are literally bombarded by negativity 90% of the time. So what do I do to remain above the “Media Noise” and general negativity? well, each day I remind myself of ALL the good things I have in my life, for example: My Family, My Health, The roof over our heads, the really wonderful people I meet on a daily basis, the beautiful weather, the food in our tummies etc. etc. you get the idea…there is A LOT of positives out there which we take for granted!

This really makes me look for the good in others and my environment and in turn it makes me feel good about life in general and I start feeling more positive and then I get more productive and effective… try it, you’ll see make it part of your morning routine, it literally takes a few minutes.

Helping others is a very rewarding activity, it makes one feel good about oneself….hey even if it is giving some random stranger a smile and a thumbs up…that may just be the thing needed to help that person to cheer up…little good deeds go a long way you’ll be surprised…it’s contagious!! Make it a game to see how many people you can positively affect each day…it’s fun trust me!!
I have quite a few clients that are doing very well. I wonder why they do well and others not? One thing I’ve noticed is they breed a positive CAN DO attitude within the company and they weed the negative people out of the company.

The companies that I mention are expanding and have the following vacancies:

1. 1 X Project Planner (BUILDING) – Durban (URGENT!!)
2. 1 X Project Planner (BUILDING) – Joburg (URGENT!!)
3. 1 X Snr Civil Estimator – Durban (URGENT!!)
4. 1 X Civil Tender Buyer – Durban
5. 2 X Ops Managers for RDP housing. 1 for Eastern Cape or Northern Cape, 1 X KZN
6. 4 X capable contracts managers with experience in RDP housing. 1 Eastern Cape, 1 KZN, 2 Gauteng
7. 1 X Contracts Manager – BUILDING – Eastern Cape
8. 4 X junior quantity surveyors (RDP Housing) 1 for Eastern Cape, 1 for KZN, 2 for Gauteng
9. 2 X Quantity Surveyors – KZN and Eastern Cape
10. 2 X Senior QS with experience in Low Cost Housing (RDP Housing) Head Office Joburg

If you feel that you fit the description above the please submit your CV through our website.

NB* If you feel this doesn’t apply to you perhaps you know of someone that is suitable, we do pay a finder’s fee for successful placements of your referrals.

All the best for 2018

Flourish and Prosper

Craig Coetzee
Recruitment Specialist – Construction


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