Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
The Recruitment Pro serves to source and place suitable applicants with employers who have employment positions available.
Employers in need of staff can be classed as, Registered Companies and or Individuals.
Positions available are according to the Employers specifications and the employment period can be, contract or permanent.
Please be advised that you give us permission to submit your CV for any suitable positions.

Procedure and Policies
A thorough “Job Description” and “Applicant Specification” is necessary for the opening to be filled successfully and for suitable candidates to be sourced.
The Recruitment Pro will do an extensive search of its Applicants Data Bank and will also simultaneously, as necessary, advertise for the position in various media at its own costs. Once The Recruitment Pro is satisfied that it has suitable Applicant(s) it will submit the Applicant(s)’ Resumes (CV’s) to Employer in the manner agreed upon.
Once the Employer has decided who is to be interviewed, The Recruitment Pro must be contacted to arrange the interviews at a date and place indicated by Employer. If the Applicant needs to be flown up for the interview with the Employer, The Recruitment Pro will liaise between Employer & Applicant as to who should bear the costs of the flight and/or accommodation.
When Employer has decided that he would like to make an offer to one of The Recruitment Pro Applicants, Employer will get the offer to the The Recruitment Pro Consultant who will then put it to the Applicant for his acceptance and signature. The Recruitment Pro Consultant will carry out any needed negotiations on behalf of Employer.
The Recruitment Pro stands guarantee for the placement of permanent staff for a period of 90 calendar days. Should the Applicant still be in the employ of Employer after 90 calendar days of placement, the guarantee will fall away.
Should the Applicant resign or be asked to leave the Employer during the 90 calendar day period, The Recruitment Pro must be given fair opportunity to find a Replacement Candidate within 60 calendar days from the last day of employment of the Applicant. ‘Fair’ opportunity means that the Employer undertakes to answer all communications regarding the replacement promptly and does not just merely refuse suitable candidates. The Employer must notify The Recruitment Pro within 3 days from the applicant’s notification of resignation or termination of employment. In such a case where The Recruitment Pro is able to find a replacement, the fee amount paid for the first Applicant will be credited to the Employer and the new fee due invoiced. If the new fee is less than the original fee, The Recruitment Pro will credit the Employer’s account with The Recruitment Pro against future placements, with the difference. The Replacement Candidate will also be guaranteed for a period of 90 calendar days from the day he commences his employ at the Employer.
Should The Recruitment Pro not be able to find a replacement within the 60 calendar days stipulated above, it will credit the Employer’s account with The Recruitment Pro against future placements on the following basis:
Applicant no longer in the employ of Employer: